GLB Enterprise - Quick Start Guide

GPS Log Book Enterprise is a fully featured tracking platform. Partners are encouraged to explore all elements of GLBE by:

This guide is intended for first time users to quickly get them up and running and testing their first devices and the system. Covering how to

  1. Login
  2. Add an asset

1. Login

You will receive a login invite from one of our team members. Follow the link

It is worth bookmarking this page for future use.

You will be taken to the login screen to create a password, enter your name, and set your time zone + date format and other units.

You are then prompted to login with these details and are taken to the main menu. 

2. Create Assets

From the menu, we want to go to Manage Assets to begin adding our devices to GLB Enterprise.

Create a new asset

All we need to enter to get going is a name, and the Serial. 

There is a lot of additional configurations which can be done - but the meaning of these other features is covered in other guides. To just start tracking, keep it simple - we can come back and edit later.

Initially, the device will show as not having a GPS fix, and never having connected. 

On it's next connection it will show on the map. 

Ready to Track

Your device(s) are now configured and you are ready to track! Other features can be configured later as you go.

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