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GPS Log Book Classic

Our compact and stylish GPS Log Book Classic device plugs into the cigarette lighter or any other 12V socket of your vehicle, tracking the use of your vehicle while doubling up as a nifty USB charger. 


With no additional cables required, this hassle-free device saves you from the inconvenience of cluttered cables! Once plugged into the socket, our high sensitivity GPS and intelligent logging software accurately records the time, position and speed of your vehicle at any point in your journey. 

GPS Log Book

See the product page on for more specification

Sync Application

The simple GPS Log Book Sync Application software must first be installed before connecting the device to your computer. Designed for sheer simplicity the application requires absolutely no user interaction and is compatible with any Windows PC with .NET v3.5 or higher or any Mac running OS X 10.5 or later. 
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LED Information


The Log Book has power and is searching for satellites.


The Log Book has found satellites and is recording.

Flashing Red

The Log Book is 80% full and will need to be connected to the server soon to upload the data (see



This article will help you get up and running on GPS Log Book.

First Use

Once the GPS Log Book device has been removed from the packaging, it is ready to start recording the first trip:

  • Plug the device into the 12V outlet / cigarette lighter of the vehicle.
  • Turn the ignition of the vehicle on.
  • The LED will be solid red – this indicates that the device has not yet found its position and is searching for satellites.
  • The LED will turn green – this indicates that the device has found its location and tracking is in progress.
  • The vehicle can now be driven and the GPS Log Book device will record the trip.
  • Remove the device at any stage to stop the recording.

Connecting Your Device To The PC For The First Time

The first time the device is connected to the computer, the computer will attempt to install a driver. The Sync Application will then run, communicate with the server, and automatically load the Register Device page on the website in order to capture details that will be associated with that specific GPS Log Book device.

Please see article Register A New Account

Upload Data from the GPS Log Book Device

After successfully creating an account and registering your device, you are ready to upload trip data to the website.


  1. Connect the GPS Log Book device to the computer using the USB cable provided.
  2. The Sync Application will automatically download any trip data from the device and upload it to the GPS Log Book server.
  3. The LED on the device will turn Red while data transfer is in progress.
  4. Once all the data has been downloaded from the device and new aiding data downloaded to the device, a message will be displayed stating that it is safe to disconnect the device and the LED on the device will turn Blue.

Video Tutorial 

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