GPS Log Book LiVE

Getting Started

The GPS Log Book LiVE device represents advanced telemetric and GSM technology, all wrapped up in a compact housing. This little unit can be plugged into any vehicle with an OBDII port. 


The device requires next to no installation, drawing its power from a vehicle’s OBDII port. (Note the Bolt will not read OBDII diagnostic data) Perfect for small fleets and sales teams, the GPS Log Book LiVE enables users to track their vehicles’ every movement as they happen!  

GPS Log Book

See the product page on the GPS Log Book website for more specifications.

GPS Log Book LiVE Product Specifications & Example Reports

  GPS Log Book LiVE 

View and download the latest product specifications and the example reports for the GPS Log Book LiVE

This article will help you get up and running on GPS Log Book.

In the Box

When receiving the GPS Log Book LiVE, the following items will be found in the box:

  • GPS Log Book LiVE device
  • Registration guide with serial number and registration PIN

First Use

Once the GPS Log Book device has been removed from the packaging, it is ready to start recording the first trip:

  • Plug the device into the On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) port of the vehicle.
  • The Blue LED will flash if it is getting powered. You can find where your vehicle’s OBDII point is by researching the make and model online
  • The vehicle can now be driven, and the GPS Log Book device will record the trip.
  • There is no need to remove the device from your vehicle, the device will disconnect once ignition is switched off.


Viewing And Managing Trips

You need to register yourself and device on the GPS Log Book website before the device can start reporting its activity

With your registration guide ready, browse to

Video Tutorial 

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