How to de-Register a Device

You may wish to de-register a device from a user's account in order to link it to a new user.

TIP: First ensure that you have uploaded all trips on the device that belong to the current user, or, if you already swapped the device between users and the new users trips are on the device, do not yet do an upload, first complete the deregistering as described below, and then register the device to the new user.  After that, you can unplug the device and plug it in again to upload the trips to the new user.

You can do so by logging into the system and navigating to ACCOUNT > VEHICLES AND DEVICES as shown below:

Click on the device name of the device you wish to de-register.

The Device Details page will load.  Scroll ALL the way to the bottom and you will see the blue "Deregister Device" link, click this as shown below:

Then confirm that you wish to deregister the device when the confirmation pop-up appears.  

You can now register the device to a new account as if it was brand new.

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