My Device takes long to turn Green while Driving

If you find that the light on your GPS Log Book device is taking a while to turn green when plugged into your vehicle, or that you are missing the beginning of trips, it is most likely because of one of the following reasons:

  • Aiding Data is old - the device downloads fresh aiding data whenever you sync with your PC.  This informs the device of satellite locations two weeks in advance which speeds up latch times as the device already knows where satellites are.  For this reason we recommend syncing your device every two weeks.

  • Obscured view of the sky while stopped - if your vehicle is in a a garage or underground before the trip starts, it may take the device a while to latch once it can again see satellites

  • Weak satellite signal - if the device is obscured within the vehicle or if other electronic equipment is causing interference with satellite signals you may experience slow latch times (e.g. FM transmitters cause severe interference)

The most likely cause is the first one listed, so try syncing your device every two weeks.

If you are still experiencing slow latch issues, please identify the times and dates of the trips where you witnessed the slow latch and send us a support email so that we can look at the specific data for that trip to evaluate the possible causes.

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