How to Split Trips

You may need to split trips into smaller sections in order to separate personal and business portions of a trip, or because the stopping time between trips was short and as a result a single trip was recorded.

To Split trips Follow the Steps Below:

Log into the website and click "View" next to the trip you wish to split, it will display as shown below.

You should see the following links shown by the arrow below:

- "Delete this trip"

- "Merge this trip"

- Split this trip"

Choose "Split this trip"

TIP: If you do not see these functions (because your browser window is smaller) you should see a "More..." link which you can click to make these functions visible, as shown b the arrow in the image below:

You will be prompted to zoom into the point where you wish to split the trip and then click on red trip line at the point where you wish to split the trip.

Half of the trip will now be shown in one colour (red below) and the other in another colour (blue below)

A small measurement guide will appear on the right to advise you the distances for both parts of the trip.

You can easily move the split point by clicking on a different point of the red line.

Simply click the blue SPLIT button to apply the split and two trips, one for each section will now appear in your trip list.

You can then set one portion as Business and the other as Personal for example!

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