How to invite users to share Business Trip data for Corporate Group Reporting

When you log into your account you will now see a new Menu Item - "CORPORATE".  Hover your Cursor over this item and then select "User Management " from the menu as shown below:

The screen below will appear.

To invite users to share their business trips, click on the "Invite more" link shown below and then add their email addresses.  You can add a "Division" if required e.g. RTLB 01, and you can also add a per km rate.  Please use only numbers and full stops and no dollar signs ! e.g. "0.68" or "1.23" for the rate per kilometre.  (These are optional values and are not required)

We recommend sending an email in advance to alert your team members to expect these invites and explaining that you will only have access to trips flagged as "Business" and not to any Private trip data.

Once the users have accepted your invites you will be able to extract the list of reports shown on the right whenever you need them!

Please be aware that this facility will only report on business trips.  All of your cluster members need to set their trips to BUSINESS before you extract reports.

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